What to Expect on Your Trip | The RIDE (2024)

What to Expect on Your Trip | The RIDE (1)

Starting in early 2023, additional service providers will be available for your trips. New drivers will have the same level of testing and training as all RIDE drivers. They will also provide the same door-to-door service.

Learn what to expect on your trip


To learn more about The RIDE's mask policy and other COVID-19 safety measures, please visit the COVID-19 policies page.

Getting Ready for Your Trip

Please be ready to travel at least five minutes before your scheduled pick-up time, and be prepared to wait up to 15 minutes after that time for The RIDE to arrive. Dress appropriately for the weather. Carry needed medications, oxygen, or other items required for health and comfort in case you travel longer than expected.

The driver will go to your door and wait for up to five minutes after your scheduled pick-up time. If you are not there after five minutes, the driver will contact their dispatcher to get clearance to leave.

Your RIDE is not considered late until 15 minutes after your scheduled pick-up time. If the driver has not arrived within that time window, please contact The RIDE Access Center (TRAC).

Click the button below to enter The RIDE Access Center (TRAC) web portal:

Track your RIDE

Call 844-427-7433 to locate the vehicle or estimate its time of arrival using our interactive voice response (IVR) system.

  • Do not leave your pick-up location to call before the end of the 15-minute waiting period.
  • Please be patient—schedules change for many reasons, including traffic, customer delays, and weather. Dispatchers coordinate with drivers, MBTA staff, and customers to troubleshoot problems and keep schedules running on time.

If you require assistance at any time, call TRAC as soon as possible at 844-427-7433.

When Your Driver Arrives

All drivers receive sensitivity and safety training. They’ll ask for your name to ensure they’re picking up the correct person. If your driver arrives in a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, let them know if you need a lift or ramp to board.

Even if you have a personal care attendant (PCA) traveling with you, your driver will assist you door-to-door to and from the vehicle. However, your driver can’t accompany you inside your home, or past the main lobby of a building.

If you have personal items, your driver must be able to carry them in one trip while safely assisting you. Please limit heavy or large items. Transportation will not be provided to customers who do not follow this policy at time of pick-up.

Children need to ride in a customer-provided car seat that is appropriate for their age and weight. Drivers will assist in carrying the seat to and from the vehicle, but the customer or their PCA must provide and install the car or booster seat in accordance with all federal and state laws. School transportation is not provided.

Additional Service Providers

The RIDE is adding more service providers to our fleet. More service providers means more vehicles available for trips.

New-provider vehicles will look different than traditional, striped RIDE vehicles. The new vehicles will be labeled with a magnetic RIDE sign on the car doors. New vehicles will be available for trips starting in early 2023.

All drivers will complete the same level of testing and training and provide the same door-to-door service regardless of the vehicle type.

When you schedule a trip with The RIDE, you cannot request a preferred vehicle type. We will call you the day of your trip to let you know your ride is on the way and if you should expect a traditional RIDE vehicle or one of our new provider's vehicles.

We will continue to provide accessible vehicles, such as wheelchair accessible vehicles, as needed.

Photo Gallery

Below are examples of different vehicles you can expect for your trip.

Note:When you schedule a trip with The RIDE, you cannot request a preferred vehicle type. We will call you the day of your trip to tell you whether you should expect a traditional RIDE vehicle or a new-provider vehicle.

What to Expect on Your Trip | The RIDE (2)
What to Expect on Your Trip | The RIDE (3)
What to Expect on Your Trip | The RIDE (4)

Mobility Devices on The RIDE

If you’re able to walk, but use a manual wheelchair or walker, the driver will collapse and store it in the cargo area once you’re on board. The driver can help you get over one curb and one step, but can’t carry you or your mobility device.

Your driver will offer you the optional use of an MBTA body belt upon greeting you. The driver will also explain how they will fasten and unfasten seat belts on the vehicle’s wheelchair and scooter securement system.

If you use a support cane, you can choose to hold it or store it in the cargo area. You can’t store it on the floor of the vehicle. If you use a red or white cane that collapses, you may collapse it and keep it with you.


Trips spanning multiple communities within the MBTA service area, or trips involving the MetroWest Regional Transit Authority or Brockton Area Transit, may require a transfer trip. If your trip originates in the MBTA service area, TRAC will coordinate travel on your behalf.

You will either remain in your vehicle until the actual transfer to the other vehicle takes place, or if required, be assisted to the receiving agency’s transfer location and then continue on your trip. There is no assistance available at the Brockton Area Transit drop location.

Running Late for your RIDE?

If you are delayed at an appointment, call TRAC at 844-427-7433 and ask to be put on “will-call” status. If we can accommodate the change, it will result in a charge of thepremium non-ADA fare of $5.60.

We’ll do our best to incorporate your modified trip into the day’s schedule, but it may not be guaranteed. Always book your return trips with sufficient time should unforeseen circ*mstances arise.

Contact Us

Contact TRAC if you want to make reservations, have questions about scheduling, or need to speak to dispatch.


The RIDE Guide

Download a PDF version of the important information that explains how to get started with The RIDE.

Download The RIDE Guide

What to Expect on Your Trip | The RIDE (2024)


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